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Update on the vintage caravan bar...

Hi everyone,

So as you all know, we are currently working on our little 1970s Sprite Aerial caravan and turning it into a mobile bar/reception drinks bar. This is just a quick update to show you how we are getting on.

As I explained in one of our previous blogs, we haven't been able to work on it for a while, but now I have had some time, I have cracked on and got the interior sorted. As you can see in the picture below, there's a bit of a difference since we had a rotting floor which we had to remove and walls that were flimsy and falling apart. The next stage will be building a bar structure so that we can serve all of our lovely customers out of the window hatches. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on here, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Crabb & Fox Mobile Bar Hire - Vintage caravan bar.

Crabb & Fox Mobile Bar Hire, Norfolk, want to provide an excellent bar hire service and we want to expand the options we can give you, this vintage caravan mobile bar is just one step we will be taking, we will keep you updated with our other plans too.

Crabb & Fox Mobile Bar Hire, Norfolk - premium mobile bar hire in Norfolk.

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