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As you can see on our 'Services' page, our standard bar hire comes free of charge, but we do offer a variety of packages to suit all costs and needs.
Cash Bar

This is our standard mobile bar hire service. We provide our bar, staff, any licensing required, disposable glasses and drinks to purchase at the bar (as described on our services page). This service comes free of charge.

Pre-Paid Bar

This option allows you to pay an amount of your choosing before the event and we then come and provide drinks for you and your guests without extra charge until the amount you pay has been reached. After that point, your guests can just continue to buy drinks as they would at a standard bar.

Open Bar

If you're feeling generous, you can go for this option which allows your guests to come to the bar and get drinks for free throughout your event, We will then keep a 'tab' on what drinks we have served and then you can pay the balance at the end. Please be aware that with this option, any money owed, must be paid at the end of the event before we leave.

'Per head' Pre-Paid Bar

This option allows you to pre-pay per person before the day of the event, we then provide each person who has pre-paid with a card to show to the bar staff and they can then come upto the bar and get drinks without having to pay anything extra throughout the event.

Welcome drinks packages

We can provide welcome drinks and drinks for the toast/tables if required. The pricing for this works on a 'per head' basis and we can tailor what we serve to suit you and your guests. If you have any requests or would like a quote, then please get in touch.

Vintage prosecco caravan

We have lovingly renovated a 1976 Sprite Ariel caravan and turned it into a beautiful prosecco bar, ideal for wedding welcome drinks and smaller events.

Click on the image below for more details on this.

Crabb & Fox MobileBar Hire, Norwich. Vintage caravan mobile bar.

We can provide freshly cooked, delicious wood fired pizzas for your wedding, party or event in Norfolk.

Click on the image for more information on our wood fired pizza service in Norfolk & the surrounding areas.

wood fired pizza 2.jpg
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