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Whatever the occasion, let us here at Crabb & Fox Mobile Bar Hire assist you. Our bar hire won't cost you a penny, so why wouldn't you?
Crabb & Fox Mobile Bar Hie, Norwich. Cork and brick mobile bar.
Bar Hire

Our bar hire is completely free of charge.

We do take a booking deposit of £125* to secure the date for you, but provided that we take £600 or more on the day then the deposit is returned in full.

(*deposit is non-refundable on booking cancellations)

Crabb & Fox Mobile Bar Hire, Norfolk. Mobile bar hire staff.

With each bar booking we provide well presented, efficient staff that will help your event go without a hitch.

Crabb & Fox Mobile Bar Hire, Norfolk. Mobile Bar Hire licensing.

With each bar booking, if required for your choice of venue, we will obtain, pay for and provide a temporary event notice (TEN) on your behalf to save you the hassle and cost. We do require a minimum of 3 weeks notice.

Crabb & Fox Mobile Bar Hire, Norfolk. Drinks options.

We provide a fully stocked bar with a wide range of drinks to suit all tastes, including beers, ales, ciders, wines, spirits and soft drinks.

Crabb & Fox Mobile Bar Hire, Norwich. Bar hire disposable glasses.
Disposable glasses

We provide plastic glasses as standard. They are of good quality and all the appropriate shapes for the correct drinks. Although we don't provide real glass ourselves, we are happy to use any that you provide.

Crabb & Fox Mobile Bar Hire, Norfolk. Mobile bar drinks menus.
Drinks to suit you

We can tailor what we serve to suit you and your guests, so if you have a specific drink that you would like, then let us know.

(Terms and conditions may apply).

And all of the above comes FREE of charge! You and your guests just purchase your drinks at the bar.

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