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Crabb & Fox Mobile Bar Hire - Taking the leap!


Welcome the first post on the Crabb & Fox Mobile Bar Hire blog.

I wanted to start this off by introducing myself and letting you know a little about what we are up to.


My name is Stuart and I am the owner of Crabb & Fox Mobile Bar Hire. It has been a project of mine for the last few years that I have been doing whilst working a full time job Mon - Fri.

Originally named CrabbMan's Mobile Bar Hire (after my nickname), I have changed and developed the business over time to create what you see here today. After getting engaged to my beautiful Fiancee Hannah, who has helped me massively with the progression of this business, I renamed the business to include her surname (Fox). A couple with 2 animal surnames is quite unusual and I wanted to use that for the image of the business, so now we are Crabb & Fox Mobile Bar Hire, providing an excellent mobile bar hire service across Norfolk and further afield too.

The title of this blog post is linked to a step I have taken recently with the business. We have been busy enough and the business has built up enough for me to take the leap into the world of self employment. I have recently left my job of 8 years to focus fully on this business and put all of my time and effort into it.

I have lots of exciting plans ahead and will be using this blog as well as our social media pages to keep all of our customers updated.

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come....

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