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Our little vintage caravan bar...

So, as you may have seen on the 'Packages' page of our Norfolk mobile bar hire website, we have been (slowly) working on transforming our 1970's Sprite Aerial caravan into a bespoke vintage prosecco bar.

Unfortunately due to having a complete lack of time to work on it, I have had to keep putting it back and delaying the work on it. However, now the main season has quietened down a bit, I have finally got the time to start working on it again. Yay!!!

Work on vintage caravan mobile bar.
Vintage caravan mobile bar.

You can see it here in it's original state as we picked it up. It's a beautiful little thing, but there was a lot more work to do on it than we had imagined. We had to completely gut it and remove the floor (which was rotten and weak), take off the interior walls, and de-rust and paint the chassis. Fortunately the chassis was actually in pretty good shape and only had surface rust, so once we de-rusted it and gave it a coat of paint, it was looking good. We then put in a new floor and restructured the end walls to make them strong again and put in a load of new insulation.

We also had someone come in to replace the skylight and have the window struts replaced as that was a bit beyond my skill range. Since that point, she has just sat looking rather sorry for herself. But (cue fanfair...) today, I have gone and picked up some bits to start working on it again!

I have got some beautiful bits of oak which we I will be converting into the bar work tops and have got all the bits to finally finish the interior over the next couple of weeks or so. After that, she will then get a new set of tyres and and a fresh paint of coat and before long, our vintage caravan mobile bar will be ready for your events.

As the Aerial is such a tiny model of caravan, logistically we can't really use it as a fully functioning bar as the space inside just doesn't lend itself to that. However, this will be a beautiful welcome drinks bar/small events bar where we will serve prosecco with a 'pimp my prosecco' table, or we can tailor it to suit you and have beers, gins or whatever you fancy really. It can even be hired to serve your welcome drinks to your guests and then we can provide one of our bars alongside it to serve your guests for the rest of your event.

We will come up with a range of mobile bar hire packages for you to choose from. This mobile bar will certainly be one to get your guests talking.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our vintage mobile bar in Norfolk.

Crabb & Fox Mobile Bar Hire, Norfolk. Providing an excellent mobile bar hire service in Norwich and the surrounding areas.

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