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What's the big idea...

So, now that I've introduced myself, let me tell you a little about what Crabb & Fox Mobile Bar Hire has planned.

We already provide a great mobile bar hire service in Norfolk, but we want to expand and widen our range of options for all of our customers.

Vintage caravan 'welcome drinks' bar.

You may have already seen on the 'packages' page of our website that we are working on a 1970s Sprite aerial caravan. This will eventually be turned into a prosecco bar that will serve welcome drinks for weddings or provide a tipple for guests at various other events. Work on this has been delayed due to a lack of time, but it will be completed over this winter.

Vintage caravan bar

Cocktail bar.

We also plan on building a cocktail bar that will be ideal for catering to smaller events (15 - 75ish people). It will be a stylish bar with an experienced cocktail maker that can provide delicious concoctions for you and your guests and provide cocktail making classes. Ideal for hen do's and corporate events.

Pallet bars for your home.

Our pallet bar has proved to be a very popular bar for our mobile bar hire company and always receives lovely compliments from our customers. Over this winter I shall be making pallet bars to sell, so if you want one for your man-cave, garage, garden or anywhere really, they will be ideal. I will make a store on here and on Ebay when I have them ready to sell.

Something a bit different...

I have something in mind that will be a real alternative to the traditional bar you might expect. If white weddings aren't your thing, this could be ideal. I shan't reveal my plans just yet, but keep your eyes peeled on her, our Facebook page and our Instagram page for updates.

If you have any ideas of a service you think we should provide, please feel free to get in touch and let us know your ideas.

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